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“Let Them Learn About Cake!” – Fruitilicious


One of the most enjoyable senses we have is the sense of taste. In addition to these senses, we also have sight. Another sense that helps us enjoy the simple things in life, such as desserts. With a dessert as full of flavour & colour as the ones made by Sandra, Owner of Fruitilicious, there is always something for someone.  Long gone are the dull days of plain chocolate or vanilla as wedding cakes. We had the chance to speak with Sandra at Fruitilicious. We talked about all things, cakes, treats, and sweets, her business, how she got started and what she & her team have been doing during this global pandemic. 


What made you start Fruitilicious?


It started back in 2008 with a passion for baking. It all started with my daughter’s birthday, I did a dessert table, and all the guests loved the creations. They kept asking where I had purchased them, and I explained that I made them. From there, people started asking me for cupcakes, small cakes, tarts, etc. 


One day when I was working at my corporate job, my husband called me. He told me to write a number down, and then he explained that he registered the business, and with the help of my sister, the name “Fruitilicious” was born. It was also very fitting because, at the time, I was doing mainly fruit-based desserts, such as fruit platters and fruit arrangements, along with the sweets.


What are some of the items you offer at Fruitilicious?


I love French desserts; I think they are beautiful, creative and sexy. Plus, they taste amazing and look very elegant. So we offer items such as French macarons, eclairs, and madeleines as specialty desserts. Our standard items are cupcakes, cake pops and cookies. However, we do a lot of custom orders for our clients, including a lot of “off the menu” desserts & treats.


What type of cakes do you offer? Filling types? And do you use fresh flowers?


We don’t feel cakes should be limited to just chocolate, vanilla and red velvet at Fruitilicious. We love experimenting with flavours by infusing flowers & herbs into the cake and pushing our creative limits. So, we are not limited to anything at all. Instead, see it as a matter of finding the right element & flavour to create the best outcome and give you something slightly different from your average cake.


What are flavour trends you’ve seen over the years, and which have been your favourite to create?


Nuts. Our most popular desserts have involved nuts, especially when it comes to grooms. We find a lot of males prefer “nuttier” flavoured desserts over the fruitier ones. With that being said, one of our number one sellers is our Ferrero Rocher cake. We have crushed nuts inside the cake batter, giving it a crunchy texture and some Ferrero Rocher chocolates crushed and mixed into the filling. It is absolutely delicious and a huge favourite amongst our clients.


The second most in-demand desserts would be treats with a lemon flavour. Our lemon cakes are baked with real lemon juice with a lemon curd in the middle, giving it an authentic lemon-tart taste that can not be beaten. Then it is topped with fresh raspberries for flavour and decoration. 


Lastly, for the brides that dare push the boundaries and really want something different, we have seen a call for flower / herb-infused cakes. One of the most popular flavours we have done this year is earl grey & lavender, along with strawberry and basil.


When it comes to dietary needs such as gluten-free, nut-free or lactose intolerant, What options are made available? Are there also vegan options as well?


We have quite a few options available for our clients & their guests that have special dietary needs. If the client knows there is a small group with similar nutritional needs, we will make a little side cake for these guests to enjoy. 


Some of our top selling cakes are actually gluten-free. We know gluten-free cakes tend to get bad reps for not being as tasty, especially when it comes to red velvet. However, with our red velvet cake, the gluten-free option is preferred & requested by clients. So, we are happy to work with our clients to meet their needs while still giving them a great taste with a little research and innovation. 


How is pricing determined for your cakes & desserts?


When it comes to pricing for our cakes, there are a few factors that need to be considered to determine the price of a wedding cake. One of the main factors is how much chocolate ganache will be used for your cake. We use chocolate ganache for our cakes’ base to give it a sturdy structure to build on top of. Semi-naked cakes aren’t cheaper, but rather similarly priced to fully covered cakes. Due to the amount of time, premium products and chocolate, it takes to ensure its stability.


Another factor is if your cake will be covered in fondant or buttercream. Fondant cakes are actually the more expensive option between the two. The reason for this is because to make a fondant cake, the cake has to be covered in ganache first, and then the fondant is added on top. 


Lastly, one of the most significant factors determining the price of a cake is its size & design. Why? Simply put, because there are more hours involved. Choosing design items such as sugar flowers over real flowers and adding hand-painted pieces or hand-created pieces to your cake will add to the overall cost of your cake. Also, the more layers, the more ingredients are needed for your cake.


How has COVID-19 affected your business?


Fortunately for us, COVID-19 has positively affected our business. Before the pandemic, we had invested in creating an online store for clients to place orders, see our desserts and contact us online. So during this time, we have amplified our marketing efforts to drive to our online store, and the response has been amazing. 


We decided to start offering mini cakes that could be used to celebrate at home for up to 10 people. This was a game-changer for us. We had mini cakes flying off the shelves by clients celebrating various occasions and couples who were having intimate weddings at home. 


We pivoted during COVID-19 to address the issue of cost for our clients who are having to celebrate at home. We are now offering dessert packages on our online store that includes a variety of sweet treats, design types and styles at a more economical price. 


We also started offering delivery and in-store pick-up, cake-toppers, and other discounts to our clients & communities to help us get through this difficult time. 


Users can now download our App Fruitilicious Cakes from App Store or Google play.

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