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Professional Hair Care Founder, Lataunya

  Transforming Curly Hair Care: Meet the Innovator Behind OutNo.d’s Game-Changing Formulas Meet Lataunya Forrest, a Cosmetic Chemist who has worked in the beauty industry for almost 5 years. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Psychology, and Chemistry from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Graduate certificate in…

Chef Raquel Fox Elevates Caribbean Cuisine

  When Chef Raquel Fox secured her place on the culinary landscape, there was something on her mind… “Why was Caribbean cuisine often overlooked for higher end events?” Being Bahamian, and a celebrated George Brown Alumni in Culinary Arts, she has made it a personal mission to keep Caribbean food…

Fitzroy Dress Rental- Changes the Way We Do Fancy!

    Weddings have become major events and rightly so. It’s a celebration of love and we are all here for it. But for many, these are challenging financial times. More people, whether they are part of a wedding party or a guest, are looking for smart and stylish ways…

The Annual Bask-It-Style TIFF Gifting Lounge Media Day 2023

GLO Communications held the Bask-It-Style 13th Annual Media Day at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel on September 6th, 2023, and was by appointment only in Toronto. Since it was our first time attending, we were curious about this very exclusive pre-TIFF kick-off event. I arrived, utilized the valet parking, and…

Rose Picnic Event: A Blooming Affair in Toronto’s Summertime

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, Toronto’s vibrant summer scene unfolds with a plethora of events. Among them, the Rose Picnic Event stands out as an enchanting blend of beauty, fashion, food and music. Our very own Editor-In-Chief, Veronica Fazio, recently had the pleasure of immersing…