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Go Natural With Your Skincare Routine with Zue Beauty

On your wedding day, just like every other deal, we want clear, beautiful skin. The key to achieving that is to find the right skincare regime to clean and protect your skin. Zue Beauty is redefining the way we think of natural cosmetics created by a company that focus on a strategy that generates social and environmental change while creating high-quality, organic, quinoa-based beauty products.

The key ingredient in Zue Beauty products is quinoa. Quinoa is not only a superfood that is beneficial in a nutritional diet, but also has amazing skin care properties. Quinoa is a gentle ingredient ideal for all skin types and is known to have the potential to boost collagen synthesis, reduce appearance of fine lines, improve elasticity and texture, reduce inflammation, hydrate, brighten, and give skin a more even tone. Zue Beauty is also enhanced with essential oils giving each product a natural scent and have the benefits of aromatherapy.

Our Editor-in-Chief had the chance to try the Zue Beauty Exfoliating Facial Scrub and Purifying Facial cleanser.  She shared with us her Zue Beauty experience.

First, the name. I am in love, with the cool, calm, rejuvenating vibe of Zue Beauty. This is true, the skincare line is packed with antioxidants and the super food quinoa! My pampering experience began with the Exfoliating Facial Scrub, which contains ‘the mother of all grains’, vitamins and amino acids all of which have the power to restore and revitalize your skin. It was super gentle on my sensitive skin, a subtle scent of delicious apricots, which removes the dead skin and polished me to perfection. Since I am both oily and dry in areas of my face, it left my skin, feeling soft, clean to the touch and full of moisture.

The purifying cleanser has the natural astringent and acne fighting, witch hazel extract, mixed with vitamins! It is alcohol free, a little goes a long way, since it lathers well, goes on smooth, while removing excess oil and makeup leaving your skin smooth and revitalized. I am a #ZueBeautyWoman!

Did you know that Zue Beauty also gives back? With every Zue purchase, customers are empowered to give back through their collaboration with social and environmental organizations, customers can support worthy causes by entering the donation code printed on the back of every Zue bottle and then select one of the causes they’ve pledged to support.