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Aaron & Vanessa

How did he propose?

Aaron’s goal was to completely surprise me with the proposal, because I am always so perceptive and can usually sniff out if he (or anyone else) has been planning something. So, on a regular Wednesday evening, I had a group of people over and we all made tacos and hung out. Aaron was in and out of our place that evening because he was working. He kept going into the bedroom and pulling out papers and tape, but I didn’t really think much of it because I was too busy entertaining my guests all night. When he had come back, we hung out a bit more with my friends and around 11pm, I said it was time for bed, since I had to work early in the morning. We said our goodbyes to our guests, locked the door. I was getting ready to get into my pajamas, wash the dishes and eat leftover tacos, when Aaron suddenly grabbed our 4 lb yorkshire terrier, Odin, and brought him into the bedroom. He then yelled “I need you to search for a present”… I was super confused at this moment, but I began looking around. Suddenly, “Hold On” by Michael Bublé began playing on the speaker and I just remember thinking “oh my goodness, oh my goodness, is this happening?” and I started crying but then remembered I was supposed to be looking for a present. All of a sudden, Aaron opened the bedroom door and out came little Odin with a box and a sign saying “future ring bearer” on his back. I then looked to my right and there was Aaron, down on one knee. I burst into tears, and the music was playing so loudly, it was hard to hear what Aaron said… But, he basically said something along the lines of “I love you so much, Vanessa, and I couldn’t wait a moment longer to ask you… Will you marry me?” And of course I said “yes” between my sobs and shock. Aaron then grabbed a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Rosé that he had chilling on our balcony and we stayed up late as he told me how he had my engagement ring designed two months prior, and was only waiting to propose once he spoke to my parents (and got their approval!). Turns out, he had driven all the way to Oakville that morning when I thought he had gone into work. I was completely caught off guard, and he definitely surprised me.

Photo Credit: Brent Calis


What did you learn about each other during the wedding planning process?

Planning the wedding was both exciting and stressful. The best advice I got was from a friend who told us that if the planning process ever stopped being fun, we should slow down and take a break. This was great advice, and through all the ups and downs, Aaron and I were there to support one another, add humour when things went horribly wrong, and ultimately kept one another smiling. I learned that Aaron has a lot of patience and was so positive and encouraging when I was feeling overwhelmed, which is a wonderful quality to have in a husband and life partner. Overall, I think we learned a lot about one another when things went wrong. And they did – I forgot to wear my “something borrowed” garter, so my friends made one using items from the wedding décor (the ultimate borrowed items), I had red wine spilled on my wedding dress (later in the evening, luckily!) Everything all ended up working out in the end, and we kept smiling throughout. We maintained an optimistic attitude and focused on enjoying each moment. Our planning process wasn’t perfect, but neither is life, and the way we supported one another is truly a reflection of what we strive for in our marriage.

Photo Credit: Brent Calis

What was your favourite part of the wedding?

My favourite part of the wedding was definitely the morning and early afternoon before the ceremony and reception. My parents had all of us at their condo at Bronte Harbour in Oakville. We rented out the party rooms and my bridal party got ready on one side, while Aaron and his groomsmen got ready on the other side. It was super relaxed – We had mimosas and snacks, and had our hair and makeup done. Aaron and I did a “first look” beside the lake, and our wedding party, siblings, parents and grandparents were there to celebrate with us. It was a truly intimate gathering and we then took some great family photos by the lake. It was wonderful having the opportunity to spend quality time with everyone, and I will always cherish those special moments I shared with my loved ones before the hustle and bustle of the ceremony and reception began.

Vanessa and Aaron Highlight Video from Aaron Pothier Cinematography on Vimeo.

Photographer: Brent Calis
Videographer: Aaron Pothier
Wedding Invitations: Paperless Post e-vites
Dress: Stella York
Shoes: Betsey Johnson Blue
Makeup: Kristin Wayne
Hair: Janice Spudic at Backstage Hair Salon
Accessories: Kate Spade earrings
Wedding bands: Uli Dehez (hers) John Pollack (his)
Bridesmaids Dresses: Boutique 1861
Grooms Suit: Munro Tailoring at Harry Rosen
Grooms Shoes: Loding
Seating chart: My mom designed these on clear wine bottles with wild flowers and twinkle lights
Cake: Berna at Matamiese Bakery
Flowers/Decor: I Do Flowers & Decor, my creative mom
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Rattlesnake Point Golf Club
DJ/Entertainment: Tom Violo from Sound Obsession
Favours: Newfoundland Chocolate Company