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Ce’Erra & Dwayne’s Jamaican Destination Wedding

The sultry whispers of the Caribbean waves, the soft golden embrace of the Jamaican sun, and the magical aura of love – Ce’Erra and Dwayne chose an island paradise where nature itself seemed to serenade their union. Nestled amid the breathtaking backdrops of this tropical haven, their love story unfolded in three mesmerizing acts; the intimate moments of ‘Getting Ready’, the sacred promises during the ‘Ceremony,’ and the jubilant celebrations of the ‘Reception’. Dive into this visual journey and allow the rhythmic heartbeat of Jamaica to transport you to the very moments where two souls became one. Prepare to be enchanted.

Getting Ready



Vendor’s Credit

Photographer: MYPHOTOMAGIC STUDIO by Olga Sam


IG: @myphotomagic_studio